Hey there! I’m Aisha Jidda and I’m thrilled to have you visiting my blog. Tasty Living is a blog that mainly focuses on food, lifestyle and others. I’m all about trying new things and with this blog I’ll be discovering a whole new part of myself. Currently, I live in Abuja, Nigeria but I’m a student in the UK working towards a career in Medicine. I love everything food. Eating it, learning it, cooking it and everything you can do with food. On this blog, I’ll be doing a lot of food reviews and posting my own recipes too (mainly Nigerian). Here, you’ll also find some of my thoughts and opinions on a lot of topics as well as my “SHE WRITES” page where i post my own poetry and proses. I’m still trying to figure out what the others in “and others” will be but we’ll see how it goes!
Thank you for stopping by and feel free to find out more about me by keeping up with my posts!


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