Ramadan Food & Travel Guide

With Ramadan slowly coming to an end, I will like to share with you guys what have been my top tips on what to eat and where I believe are the best places to spend your Ramadan at.

So far, I’ve posted a lot of recipes of what I usually eat during Iftar and if you have been keeping up you would’ve noticed how I tried to include adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, carbs, proteins and fats in my dishes. It is super important to maintain a balanced diet during Ramadan in order to keep you fit and healthy. So here are the basics:

Never go a day without your dates! Not only does is it give you an amazing boost of energy, it also contains vitamins, minerals and proteins, keeping you fit and energized throughout the day. In Islam, dates are said to be purifying and Muslims are advised to break their fast with it.

In the north, Kosai/Akara is eaten almost everywhere during Iftar. Other favorites include jollof rice, fried rice, puff puff, peppered chicken, samosas and spring rolls. These properly bring out the Nigerian in me and I really do not think I can prepare an Iftar meal without including any of them. As some of them have to be fried, I’ll advice that olive oil is used as it is much healthier. Also, please do not consume too much puff puff, been there, done that! I’d rather substitute it with Om Ali. This Arabian dessert that has been my favorite since childhood. It’s a bread pudding with a combination of nuts, raisins, coconut flakes, milk and sugar, giving you all the carbs, vitamins and minerals in one go!

Eating some vegetables and drinking lots of water is a necessity! I’m not particularly a veggie person but I like to make some stir-fry vegetables and salads every once in a while. I’ve also replaced my intake of sweetened juices (especially zobo) with fresh juices and lots and lots of water. Sticking to these few tips have made a difference compared to Ramadan last year. I feel less tired, less overfed and certainly healthier.

Spending Ramadan while trying to balance schoolwork hasn’t been easy and if I had the chance, these three places would have been the perfect destinations for some self-reflection as well as letting off some steam. These are some surprisingly affordable countries to visit especially if you use a site such as travelstart.com.ng . It is definitely my favorite site to plan trips on as not only does it give you the cheapest flights, it also gives you a long list of hotels to choose from, even sorting them according to your preferences.

  1. Saudi Arabia:

Spending Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is an entirely different experience. Imagine embracing your religion alongside one million other Muslims at the same time? Not only do you get to make the most of this holy month, but you also get the chance to visit some historical sights, museums and explore the culture and cuisine (almost 100% halal!)

  1. United Arab Emirates:

If you are lucky enough, consider leaving Lagos to Dubai, and then head over to Abu Dhabi. You’ll be able to visit the world’s tallest building, luxurious palm beaches, pray at the stunning Grand Mosque and much more. So why not plan one now? Good thing is you can find cheap flights to Dubai with Travelstart.

  1. Malaysia:

Have you ever seen the Zahir Mosque? Google the top 10 most beautiful mosques in the world and it will come up. This is one of those countries that just scream tradition. From the street market stalls, to the street food, buffets, historic landmarks and great hospitality of the Malays, it is a must go during Ramadan.


Whatever you choose to eat and wherever you choose to go to, make the most of this holy month and use it as an opportunity to enhance your character and seek forgiveness. May Allah bless you and yours. Ramadan Kareem!

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